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DNS issue

Hi, I set up a 2 new domains about 6 hours ago and changed the name servers to both point to the same site. I put the new name servers into my godaddy account and went to bed. When I'v woke up this morning I'v checked my 2 URLs and both say page cannot 've displayed. I have went to my godaddy account to check the details I entered were correct but now it's telling me it can't show me my DNS info because it's managed elsewhere. Not really sure how to fix the problem. Help!
Community Manager

Hi @Theprizemarket. Thanks for being part of GoDaddy Community! When you update the nameserver settings for a domain, you're essentially telling the internet where to look to find DNS information about the domain. If you point a domain toward the nameservers of a specific host, the DNS for that domain will then be managed with the host your pointing to. This is why you don't see the option to manage the DNS for the domain in GoDaddy. 


In the situation that you've described, if you're still not able to see the website for your domains, then the first place to look is with the host you're pointing to. Sometimes nameservers aren't set up to correctly server DNS information for new domains. Hope that helps. 


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