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Domain forwarding and office 365

I have a customer who set up their website on godaddy and also purchased/configured office 365 through godaddy with the same domain name (let's call this ""). Has been functional for 3+ years. Now they have a new website hosted elsewhere (with a new url, we'll call ""), but want to keep office 365 as is, using "".


What I want to do is set up an http 301 redirect so when people access's website, it goes to the new site. Easy peasy with godaddy's domain fowarding.


HOWEVER, I can't figure out if this will break Office 365, which has an associated MX record (and various CNAME and SRV records, but only the MX record seems to directly invoke the domain ""). 

I assume "domain forwarding" is a fancy way of dealing with http requests, and therefore all of the rest of office365 will be unaffected. 

Does anyone know if this is true? And if it DOES break office365, what are my options? I can't use an A record to point at the new site's IP address because the hosting company (wix) does not allow that. 

Super User II
Super User II

Re: Domain forwarding and office 365



Domain forwarding with GoDaddy just changes the main A record to point to their forwarding server


It does not affect the rest of the zone file

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