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Email forwarding not working (Or Support Chat)


New customer, trying to set up email forwarding on my new domain (Free Account forwarding with domain). I'm not getting any emails forwarded through through. I've tried to and from different email account. Tried to 2 different gmail accounts and to an Outlook account.

Also wen ever I try and do the support chat it seems to just freeze up after a little bit, previously when I tried it it didn't work at all.

As a new customer I don't like having these annoying problems.





Re: Email forwarding not working (Or Support Chat)

This is my problem exactly!  Did you ever get a solution? 

Re: Email forwarding not working (Or Support Chat)


I did get hold of support, turns you need to pay extra for an email plan, even though I didn't want an email plan just forwarding. In the end I used a website called ImprovMX (you need to set DNS records) to forward email, it worked OK.

But also I just transferred my domain to NameCheap instead of GoDaddy, they do mail forward standard. The lack of support and hidden addons with GoDaddy was frustrating.


Re: Email forwarding not working (Or Support Chat)

Thanks for taking the time to write back - especially since you've switched.  Unfortunately I just purchased a second domain a couple of days ago.  Things have changed since I purchased my first domain 7-8 years ago.  My fault for making assumptions that things would be the same for both domains and going to ease (in having one place to manage my domains) and not looking into it further!

Best of luck to you!

Re: Email forwarding not working (Or Support Chat)


Do you know  if its a straightforward process to switch from Godaddy to another domain service? They have sent 'test' emails to my forwarding account which work, but any other method do not, whether its a gmail or another mail account. 


They also claim to alert them (customer service) with any other problems, but to no avail. 

Want to switch pretty immediately 

Re: Email forwarding not working (Or Support Chat)


I had spent hours and hours trying to resolve the email problem.  Then I gave up.  I researched a bit and found that most domain providers no longer provide free email forwarding.   So, I switched from GoDaddy to which is less expensive.    Then, for my email, I signed up  for through my shopping cart provider app.  There is a small monthly fee, but  Zoho works perfectly and there is no delay in emails.  You could also use Zoho with GoDaddy if you want.   The article I read had suggested signing up for Zoho's free personal email account (instead of a business account), and using it as a business account.  You might want to check into that first.


Both providers walk you through setting them up.  I remember having a little confusion with Zoho (because of something that *I* did), and customer service was excellent! 

I've been really happy with both so far.  I hope that helps!

Re: Email forwarding not working (Or Support Chat)

Thanks Barbara, 

On looking into zoho, as I was already using their trial for other uses, it appears I've also tried in vain to try and use their services for email forwarding, but HTML nor Text works. Have downloaded relevant link, but as I do not have a permanent website setup yet, I have no idea how to find my website's root directory. I am merely wanting to have an email address account attached to my domain, of which to transfer to my non business email account.. I thought it would be straight forward! The confusion has interrupted my social media accounts as password resets are being bounced to nowhere, and any of my marketing tools are now defunct! 😞 Really unhappy with Go Daddy. Spend a long time on the phone, with an advisor, come away unsatisfied 

Re: Email forwarding not working (Or Support Chat)

I'm not at all tech-y, so I can't help.  I know that I couldn't get anything with GoDaddy to work for me, no matter what I tried.  I have zoho mail set up with my website, so that all of my domain emails go through Zoho and come to my gmail mail account (and then I can answer them from my gmail account, but they go out with my domain email address.)


You might try contacting Zoho and asking them for help?  They were great when I wrote and very helpful, since I really have no idea what I'm doing.   If you own a domain, I would think there has to be a way to set it up! 


Re: Email forwarding not working (Or Support Chat)


Took a while, but I figure out.  Give these steps a try:


First go to Product > Workspace Email. You'll arrive in the Workspace Control Center.

Tools > Server Settings and write down the 'correct' MX Records. 

** If you do not see the Server Settings under Tools, then maximize your browser so the menu is at the top left horizontal, not vertical... stupid, but different screen size will display different Tool option.


Here's the fun stuff, we need to setup DNS.  Go to My Products > Domains > click DNS.  Under Records section, click Add button to input the MX info you wrote down.

Type: MX

Host: @

Points to: enter the 1st address 

Priority: 0 (should be the # associate to 1st address)

Click Save and repeat for Priority 10.


Go back to Workplace Email and retrieve Server Setting.  You should see a green check "Your MX records are correct."



Hope this help! 


Community Manager
Community Manager

Re: Email forwarding not working (Or Support Chat)

Thanks for taking the time to share the solution that you figured out @XiaoJac! I'm sure it'll be helpful to other community members who may be experiencing the same issue. Take care!