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GoDaddy forwarding throwing TCP reset

Hello, intermittently our customers are reporting that our sub-domain forwards are not working.  I spent quite a bit of time this week troubleshooting and fortunately was able to re-create the problem while taking a packet capture.  It appears I am getting TCP resets in communication with the GoDaddy forwarding server.  I have called support multiple times and they are not helpful.  Anyone else seeing this?  Today under the same network conditions it seems to be working fine.  About ready to recommend we change providers over it.





Adam Tyler



I am very sorry that you were having on going issues with the subdomain forwarding. I am hoping this issue has since been resolved but please respond if you are still running into this or call into support so you can get the assistance you deserve. Thank you!


Jena C | GoDaddy | Advanced Care | 24/7 support available at |