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Godaddy deleted my website after just 2 months because the autopay didnt work:(

I am absolutely gutted. GoDaddy has deleted my entire website after just two months due to the autopay not working, they dont even hold a back up?????? What kind of business is this? 


I will now have to reinstate my url no problem there, but i will have to get my whole website re done! This will probably kill my little business. 

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Hi @AgileSue,

why and how did the auto renew (not auto pay) not work? Did you have a backup?

I could create a simple splash page for you free of charge to inform customers that your site is under maintenance whilst you work on the proper site?

I only work at developer level though, I don't do CMS so please don't ask me to create a Wordpress page. I wouldn't know where to start. 


I like little businesses 😀


Unfortunately i can only offer a simple single splash page (HTML) from my heart ❤️ but it's a start and lets your customers know what's happening. Private message me if this would help you. 

Hope this makes you feel less sad. 


I have a lot on today so I will get back to you and I'm not ignoring you. just may be late in the day before I answer. Oh yes, please use my nick name @rammsteinium in message so I get notifications. 

Thank you so much for your kind words and support, i am devastated and nowhere to turn for this. So i appreciate the offer. My credit card was stolen, i missed the auto renewal and now i am suffering big time. I have no idea how a back up is not kept for this after just 2 months. 

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Hi @AgileSue,

that's a horrible thing to have your card stolen. I would take a careful look into your credit card account details to see if there is any insurance against losses incurred upon theft etc. If there were then perhaps you could recover some costs.


As regards to my offer, it is an open offer. if it helps in a small way then I would be glad to do it. 🌈

Godaddy can offer a site backup service, though unfortunately not retrospectively:


Best wishes @AgileSue 

You deleted my website that I thought was paid for, but instead, i was paying for services that your customer service reps added to my account without my knowledge. Bait and switch. I thought i was paying for 1 email address, but no, i was paying for unlimited email at $100 month. Also $100 group calendar. Um its just me in my business. Anyway, your reps then called me to sell me

Hi @Jwilkinson,


GoDaddy will often offer free products with other purchases you have made. You are always welcome to remove the auto-renew on those freebies at any time. You may use the instructions here to cancel your products, making sure to click "Delete my product" and complete. Yearly renewals must be canceled in 30 days from purchase or renewal; monthly renewals in 48 hours. Once you have canceled, please contact our customer support team so they can review it for a refund. 



TLH - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
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@TLH Its far too late, the charge was in March, I thought it was my Hosting/ website builder charge since it was @$200. Then you deleted my website because it was not on autopay. Why would I trust Godaddy with my card when your reps are forced to add things to my account to get paid? This is bad business practice. Add things and charge people, but the thing i needed most you deleted so easily...