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Hostgator Nameservers not working for .DE domain

Hello the community,

More than 2 weeks i bought a domain on godaddy and want to add it to my host-(hostgator).

i copy the ns from hostgator and past it on the godaddy to change the nameserver.
It works for the fist domain with .com but with the second .de ,godaddy page is showing nothing after entering the ns from hostgator. More than 7 helpers from godaddy were not able to solve my issue.
hostgator said the i am using shared host but the ns should work.
I noticed from godadd that the option (To use your own nameservers, choose Custom from the drop-down.) does not appears on my screen.
rather some strange interface after entering the ns from hostgator,nothing will happened and it will just be like that -inactif.
anyone one have experience?
thank you

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Please see


.de domains have some specific name server requirements - there is a validation tool to use to confirm the name servers meet the requirements.


My guess is if you are using the cPanel (hosting) DNS vs the registrar level DNS that those are not "Authoritive Nameservers" and that is why it is failing

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Hi jojojo,


This is likely related to the restrictions that registrars put on "country based" TLDs. .de for example

"Each nameserver must be on a separate class-C network. That is, the first three octets cannot be the same. For example, and are valid."


Looking at HostGator's shared environment name servers, First name server goes to ( second name server goes to ( ^ the .5 that matches in both those IP's make it a deal breaker.


Reading that article... it's saying that because the first 3 sets of numbers are the same, they are not valid for a .de domain name server. according to the godaddy documentation. many country based TLDS are the same. is what people use for "non restricted" use


I hope that helps!