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How to Transfer my website complete to a different domain name

I can't find a question same as mine. Maybe there is but...

I want to change my domain name. I have already purchased the new domain name. Eventually I want to delete the old one, not pay for both, so I don't want to just point clients to the new one. I want to actually create the new website entirely, but with the old site's data.

In other words, I have a finished site with domain name by godaddy. If I understand correctly that the only way to do rename your site's domain name is to make a new one... I want to keep the site exactly the same, but want to export the entire site (coding) to a new (godaddy) domain name - 'lock, stock and barrel'. I don't want to have to redo code for payments and donations which was a hassle. 

Getting Started

OK, maybe I'm wrong, but I can't figure how to make the new website. I can make a copy of the site in weebly. But when I try to publish and select the new domain name I purchased, it says it is unavailable (probably because I own it!) so HOW do I get all my site's data on a new domain???

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Greetings, @revrobcox ,


This is a frequent question that many people have. Well to start with, the site is not on the domain, it is in hosting and the domain references it through settings or forwarding. The portability of your website is going to depend a great deal on how you built it. If you built it with a built-in builder application it's not likely to be any more portable than capturing chunks of text and images unless it has some form of file export as an option.


If you built it on a website application (like Wordpress® as one example), it would be much more portable and you would be able to host an almost-exact copy (and switch domain names) assuming the original domain is not referenced in the content.


I would suggest you have 24/7 Support take a look at what you have and where you are headed in the final site.

I hope that helps,

Thomas D. - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
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Good I think... so I am hoping then that since both the current and new
domain are from 'godaddy', both are hosted by Weebly, and I built the
origianal site with weebly builder, and will continue to use, that I
could simply change the settings in the builder and select "publish".

I just don't know how to get there.


Hi @revrobcox,


I understand that you have a website through WIX that you now want to use with another domain. If you already have the new domain, there are two steps you'll need to take. 


First, contact WIX to get instruction on how to change the domain (the URL) on the website there. These instructions from a search engine review may help.

To change your page URL at WIX:
  1. Click the Page Menu.
  2. Click the Settings icon .
  3. Click Page SEO.
  4. Under Page URL delete the existing name and enter a new one.

Then, you'll need to update the nameservers on your domain at GoDaddy with those provided by WIX. This WIX article may help. 



TLH - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
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Getting Started

Hi, no I do not use WIX. I use Weebly.

I am not changing webhosts, just URLs.

Both URLs are hosted on Weebly.



So it was simple. All we had to do was change a few things in settings!
Online support was the key. Thanks

Robert Cox (PB)
New Hope Community Church

hey i want to convert my blogger

to godaddy hosting but price is to high seePK.PNG




Welcome to the Community!

The price you are seeing is for a domain that is owned by another person already. (It is not a hosting price.) The owner of this domain has determined the price and placed it as a Premium Domain offer for registration in GoDaddy's aftermarket. 


If you need further information about hosting prices, you can find our plans listed in our main menu under "Hosting" on the front of our website. 



TLH - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
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