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Issue setting new Domain forward

So I have a domain forward only for my Colorstreet business.  I change the forward each month for a new party...  I’ve been trying to change it to the new forward and I keep getting errors!!  So frustrating, I’ve never had an issue before!  When I click on preview it goes correctly to the page I want it to, but I’m still getting an error message...  Please talk English, I’m new to this domain stuff, lol!

Thanks in advance!!!


Hi @Jennay325 ,


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Depending on your computer use, and changing the forward every month, may be just giving you a caching issue on your machine. You may wish to try re-doing your forwarding command by using a private/incognito browsing window, or clearing the cache of your browser. Lots of us never turn off our machines and rarely restart a browser unless we have to. Make sure you also allow several hours after changing your forward for the propagation of the new data, so that it resolves to the right place. 



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