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Multi-domain wildcard certificate

My company needs a multi-domains wildcard certificate.  This certificate should include the following:

  • *
  • *
  • *
  • *


Does GoDaddy provide an individual product that supports one certificate with multiple-domains with wildcard?  I have not found an offering by GoDaddy that meets our needs. 

Super User II

@BarDevI believe the Wildcard SSL certificate would work for this, as long as the base domain is the same ( all of the sub-domains would be covered.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but it's my understanding that wildcard certificate only works for the one level down, not multiple levels.  For example, if I purchased a certificate for *, the following domains would be protected:

But the following will not be protected:

Per the website that you provide, it mentions:

"What are the advantages of a Wildcard SSL certificate?

First off, there’s no limit to the number of subdomains you can protect. If you have a large business site with many subdomains, all of them are covered under one certificate as long as they are at the same level."


So my understanding for wildcard certificate, is that the subdomain can only be at the level of the star (*) and can't be multiple levels deep.


If this is all true, I'm hoping that GoDaddy has an offering where I can register multiple domains with wildcards.  

I'm aware of the GoDaddy offering for Multi-Domain SAN SSL (see link below). But the description of the offer doesn't mention anything about wildcards. So, I believe this offer also does not meets my needs.