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Nameserver won't propagate globally after 1 week

I transferred my domain from namecheap to Godaddy around 10 days back. My domain has not propagated globally as is evidenced by several 3rd party online tools.


and several others.


Now a week later many global servers are not updated with the records.


GoDaddy chat is impossibly inept and it keeps asking me to wait. Finally I talk to a lady and she says as per their internal tools everythig is fine and that they cannot trust dns propagation reports from 3rd party tool.  So she suggests that I should bury my head in the sand and think everything is OK becuase Godaady's internal tool dont show any error while most other tools show the issue clearly.


And I know it has not propgated because I tested it in several browsers, several phones and desktop and even with different ISPs. Incidentally my domain had witnessed 70% reduction in traffic on the day I migrated and changed Nameserver with Godaddy.  Another proof that something is not right. But the lady wants me to believe every thing is alright because the domain shows up in her computer.


 Any suggestions please?



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There is someone else I was helping in the community with the exact same issue - I would call into GoDaddy if possible and see if they can "refresh" the zone file - this is not a 3rd party tool issue - it is something with the domain not being pushed out correctly.

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Thanks for replying. I will try it today.


I have had worst experience with Godaddy support on this. Most of the time, the wait time is ridiculous.  Then since there is no email support system, there is no continuity in discussing my problem. So every time I chat or call up, I have to start afresh.


And then the agent either asks me to wait or completely refuses to acknowldge any problem.


Thanks a lot. Hope my harrasment ends soon.

Can you please clarify one thing for me. 

In my DNS settings I have changed the name server to:


Hosting raja is my host company.


Now a GoDaddy staff says that name server propagation is not our business but the business of your hosting service provider. So I should contact them.


Is this a correct statement ?

Hi @bhaskar-c,


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A check on your domain shows the URl is now resolving with your new nameservers. If any other nameservers entered were not valid, you would need to contact your hosting provider in order to confirm both the nameservers required, and the zone records specified, to resolve properly to the servers with them. As @PL281, noted, the only action GoDaddy can take is to reconcile the domain - which re-sends the NS data (which appears to have been done for that domain). 





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