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Premium DNS and multiple domains

I have three domains NOT registered with GoDaddy.


They are registered with


The websites are hosted at HostGator on a VPS. I currently have the nameservers on the VPS but want to get them off. I want to setup DNS hosting through GoDaddy. I was looking at the Premium page and it mentioned being able to add/manage zone files for free. So I created an account and followed the instructions here,


At the part where it gives you the nameservers, it has the following message,


"NoteZones not associated with a product will be deleted after 30 days."


Does this mean the zone management is free for 30 days and then terminates unless I transfer my domain registration from to GoDaddy? Like a 30 day free trial?


If I decide I want to stick with it beyond 30 days, would I have to transfer ALL three domains and get the Premium DNS package? Or, could I just transfer one of the three, get the Premium DNS package, and leave two of the domains at, but still manage DNS hosting for all three here at GoDaddy?


If I transfer all three domains to GoDaddy, would the cost of the Premium DNS package apply to EACH domain, $2.99 X 3 per month? Or, does it apply to all three domains, $2.99 once per month and I am able to manage all three domains?