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Privacy after Deleting Domain or Letting it Expire.

How do I maintain privacy after deleting, or letting a domain expire?


I suspect that if I delete a domain which was private, the information becomes public, because Icann still has the information, and the godaddy service no longer includes privacy. Same if it expires by disabling auto renew.


My belief is based on the need to maintain free privacy guard at another registrar, after allowing a domain to expire. Doesn't mean it's the same at godaddy, but I can't find any discussion of it, only repeated discussion of "Protected Registration" (which is different) and "How to disable Privacy", which is not what I'm trying to clarify.

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Re: Privacy after Deleting Domain or Letting it Expire.

You are right @morgum  if you plan on canceling domain privacy it will leave your information exposed publicly in most cases. Domains do have history and it only takes minutes of exposure to attach a history record to a domain. My above to clients is to register domains with information that is already public like a business address. 


If your domain and privacy are billing together I see no reason why any personal information would be exposed? You can always cancel a domain to prevent the redemption period making a cleaner break of it. Not sure if you have to have a domain public to cancel? I haven't tried any of the free services but I don't anticipate that they'll work without control of the domain? Did any of that help? 


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Re: Privacy after Deleting Domain or Letting it Expire.

Hi @morgum,


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When you delete a domain in your account that had privacy, you are essentially deleting the privacy as well. If the domain is allowed to expire instead - and it had privacy - GoDaddy will mask the contact details to prevent a surge of spammers and buyers seeking you out for the domain. Once it is returned to the Registry after 30 days (or sold in auction if not renewed), the expired domain will disappear from the whois record at their discretion. 



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Re: Privacy after Deleting Domain or Letting it Expire.


Thanks for clarifying GoDaddy's actions after expiration, which then is the obvious way to go.

Thanks a million.