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Questionable domain registration practices

I searched for some domain names using GoDaddy, and they were all available. I put all the names in the checkout cart, but thought I'd check with my team before purchasing. A few days later I went back to GoDaddy to do the checkout and the cart was empty. I then searched for the domain names and each one was now taken, but GoDaddy gave a message that said you would be happy to negotiate the purchase of them for me if I paid you $69.95. I then went to WhoIs to find out who owned the domains, guessed it...GoDaddy now owns them! Surely this is illegal, no??
Also, when I did the initial search, GoDaddy gave me a message that the names I chose were excellent because blah blah blah. I now realize that instead of giving me good info, this is in fact an algorithm that helps you identify great domain names that you can purchase. I'm so ticked. Unless I get my original domain names at the original price (under $10), I will NEVER use your service again.
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Re: Questionable domain registration practices

Hi @dsclifton. Thanks for posting. This is a scenario that has come up a number of times (unfortunately). First, let me say that we definitely DO NOT register names after they've been searched. That's sometimes referred to as domain name front running. If you search on the topic, no doubt you will see others have encountered something similar. Here is a good 3rd party point of view if you want to read it. 


One thing that is not touched on in the article I linked above but does sometimes happen is that search results provide incorrect information. When the initial search occurs, in order to provide the fastest result, our website will provide the most recent information it has on the domain that is searched for. However, if you click the add to cart button, our site double-checks the registration with the domain registry to make sure it is available. Sometimes the initial search result will show a domain as not registered when it actually is. 


For as many times as I've seen this issue come up, every time I've investigated it, I've found that the domain was already registered when the initial search was performed. Still, if you'd like to share the domains in question, I'd be happy to take a closer look. 


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Re: Questionable domain registration practices

I'll add some people get confused if a registration has "DomainsByProxy" contact details, but this is likely registered by another GoDaddy customer who selected the Privacy option.