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Subdomain not working as intended

I have a primary domain with a WordPress installation.

I use a single-page as the front end, not a blog template.

I set up a subdomain to go to intending it to direct people bookmarking/typing to go to the blog section of the site.

Currently, I cannot access the subdomain - either directly via, or via the control panel/admin interface.

I need help.


Hi @ahdube,


Welcome to the Community!

There are two ways you can direct to your blog section. 


If you are using a cPanel above an Economy plan, you can use the subdomain as an add-on domain with it's own folder and its own WordPress website under that name. Then (or just "blog") would be a listed as an A record of your domain's DNS, pointed to the same IP address of your hosting plan. 


The second way would be to forward the subdomain to the desired page - the complete URL for that page - so your visitors using would see the blog on arrival. 



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