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Unable to set private name server

So I am trying to set my domain and point it to a server with a private NS1 and NS2 nameservers, but it gives me an error "The data provided cannot be used, please correct it and resubmit your request." 


note that both NS1 and NS2 has a different IP respectively,


I hope you can help me with this - thanks

Community Manager

Hi @orangecoffee. Welcome to GoDaddy Community! Usually when this happens, it's because the nameservers that you're trying to do have not yet been properly registered with the domain registry. For instance, if you wanted to use, then the registrant of would need to register the ns1 host with the .com registry via their registrar. You can usually check to see if the nameservers are registered on a tool like this one. 


If the nameservers are registered, then it could be an issue with the type of domain you have. Some types of domains (mostly ccTLDs) have specific nameservers requirements and you can't update the domain to use the nameservers unless they are correctly configured. If you want to share the domain here, that may help others troubleshoot your issue. 


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