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Web interface DNS records limit

I have a domain that recently reached 1000 records. I discovered that I can't view past 50 pages of records in GoDaddy web interface (50 pages x 20 records per page). Is this a know issue or maybe a limit? If it's a limit - is there a way to increase it? Finally, barring other options - what's the simplest way to manage your records if web interface is not an option? Importing modified zone file certainly seems like an overkill and API is not exactly user friendly (though one can write scripts to use with it).


We have hit the exact same limit, we're contacting support to see if we can do something about this.


After discussions with support, 1,000 is the limit. They didn't seem to be able to do anything about this limit unfortunately.


They suggested we use the API. This represents development time for us and becomes a blocker for now.


Furthermore, their API is very insecure since the key you use basically gives you complete admin access to all functions of all domains.


A mistake can happen very fast and since the API key cannot be restricted (like with route53 for instance) to some domains or functions like: "create records only in a specific already existing domain name" as an example, to prevent anyone from deleting or transferring a domain name with your key, we do not feel like this is a very good and secure solution to the above problem.

We are in the same boat and were told to download the zone file and make changes then reimport it.  This is a painstaking task and this limitation did not exist until their new website update approx 6-12 months ago.  I sure wish they would fix this rather than give awful workarounds.