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domain not available after search

Hi, I am not sure what is going on, but i searched a  domain for which .com was not available showed premium. But .in was available, so thought of purchasing once i reach home. Once i tried after few hours it was not available. 


I don't understand, if our search history is sold ???

Community Manager
Community Manager

Re: domain not available after search

Hi @rspsd. Thanks for reaching out. This is actually a question that comes up with some regularity. The answer is absolutely not. GoDaddy does not sell your domain searches or use them to register domains with the intention of holding them resell. What usually is to blame is an issue in querying the domain with the domain registry. Sometimes the result of a previous query for the domain is cached and when it is searched again, it shows old information. If you were to look at the registration for the domain in question, you'll likely see that it was registered before you searched for it. You can look up this information via a WHOIS lookup, like Hope that helps. 


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