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"Save your website before it's gone for good on February 05, 2019"

Can't find quick help through any other means. Just received an email with the subject: "Last chance: Save your website." With multiple "Restore Your Website" buttons found throughout the email. I've checked my products and can't find a single thing about to expire so why was I sent this email with "Last chance to save your site." written in the body?

Super User I

Have you activated a free trial of GoCentral?  That sounds similar to an email that's sent when the trial is about to expire.


Also if you think the email is actually a phishing scam you can report it.

I'll report it just in case, but the "free trial" already expired midway through last month. I never used it, have no idea what it is.


Thanks for the info!

If you did have a free trial they give you a little extra time to recover the project just in case you did want to keep it.  Though the reminders can be ignored if you don't want to use the program.