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transfer and start again


I am new to all of this.

I have transferred a domain to go daddy away from its old hosting provider.

The website is out of date and needs a total update and we have no login details for it (it uses moveable type) just got permission from the owner to take ownership of the domain. 

I would like to delete the old website and start again with a totally new one. Is that possible? 

Where would i go on the go daddy website to do this.? Would i need to re-register the domain to me or can it be done like a)delete old website b)go to wordpress website builder on go daddy page and start again?


Community Manager

Hi @uniteincapita. Thanks for being part of GoDaddy Community! The answers to your questions would depend on a few things. In general, yes, you can always start over if you have access to the domain. You usually just have to point it to a different resource. However, if that domain is already hosted on one of our hosting accounts, it can get tricky. It's also not clear whether you mean that you moved to GoDaddy with the domain's registration or with its actual web hosting. If you can provide more information, including the domain in question, it may be possible for others to give you more direct answers. 


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