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unethical Go daddy

Why Go daddy makes it impossible to stop auto renew.  even after i personally called Go Daddy to remove it and they told me they will, but its still on.  They do this to rob more money from unsuspecting clients.

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Hey there!


Sorry to hear you can't seem to turn your auto-renew off. If you called in and they didn't turn it off for you when they said they did, you could always ask that the call be reviewed. I don't know a supervisor/manager there that wouldn't make that right if GD didn't do something they said they'd do.


Also, remember that you have refund options as well:

- 5 days on domains

- 48 hrs on most monthly paid products

- 30 days on most annual products


This sounds more like a glitch in your particular account than malicious action on GoDaddy's side. I would call in, explain the situation calmly, and request to speak with a supervisor. As long as you can verify that it wasn't simply a mistake on your part because you didn't pay attention to when your renewals were due, they'll be more than happy to help you out.


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i disagree with you.  i don't have the time nor the willingness to spend more money on long distance phone calls when GoDaddy fail at their task once i called.  this tells me there is no proper auditing nor quality control with this company.  which scares me more, especially your answer.


Hi @nabilnh,


Our customer support agents do not usually remove the auto-renewal for the customer. It's easy for you to manage billing for the products in your account by using the instructions here. You are able to take auto-renewal off of your products at any time. If you've chosen Protected Registration for your domain, no one but you can remove the auto-renewal, as it can only be done after you remove this protection option. These instructions will help you with that feature first, then you can take of the auto-renewal to avoid future billing. 





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Registration protection is not accepted in my country.  GoDaddy is responsible to making this happen without the need for me to call again. I disagree with you.  please be responsible and resolve this issues instead of empty defense.