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15 years, and its now time to move away from godaddy

So, after being a godaddy customer for more than 15 years, it's time to move on. After buying office 365, I have discovered that I can only have one email address using the domain attached to it. What good does a business platform do with such limitations? Then I was told that webspace email is going away, therefore taking away all of my emails that i have had for more than a decade. The hosting servers have also taken a HUGE downgrade. No more support for the large list of platforms that used to be there. Even the most common ones were removed, like Simple Machines Forums. Godaddy has been my go-to company for ALL of my web needs. But over the past few months, they have gone from the best one out there to a straight up nightmare. I used to send all of my clients, associates, friends, and family to godaddy, always bragging about how good they are. This is no longer the case. Godaddy has turned into an absolutely terrible experience. Prices are no longer competitive, services have taken a MASSIVE downgrade, and customer service has gone to hell. I used to always have great experiences with customer service, and never had to wait long to get someone with all the help I ever needed. Now, however, the wait times have increased drastically, professionalism has gone out the window, and the "support" I have received the past few times has all but evaporated. The call I had today, for example accomplished nothing except convince me that the representative had better things to do than try to come up with a solution. So, as much as I hate to say it, my company's relationship with godaddy is coming to an end. I really don't want to evaporate a 15 year old business relationship, but godaddy has left me with little choice. It's causing me more headaches than solutions. I'm not sure why godaddy doesn't seem to care about their customers anymore, but that's what seems to be happening. This is a sad day for me and my company. I was hoping to be able to have a lifelong partner with godaddy, but it seems godaddy could care less. Therefore, this is the final curtain on my business relationship with godaddy. I know there's a good chance that the next provider i use will be a headache as well, but at this point, it's a gamble I'm more than willing to take. The godaddy venture is no longer productive for my companies. 


So, goodbye, godaddy. I wish you the best of luck in your endeavors. If you treat all of your customers the way you have been treating my companies and myself, you're gonna need all the luck you need. 

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Re: 15 years, and its now time to move away from godaddy

Hello @SonicWebStudios !


With 365 you can have up to 5 alias, but you can add/purchase more email accounts on that domain though.  The email services now days are taking a big change GoDaddy, Microsoft, and Google, especially if you well the nice bells and whistles of as-a-service features. 


Sorry to see you go. There is a lot of good community users that might be able to help you out with some suggestions. 

Very Respectfully,

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Re: 15 years, and its now time to move away from godaddy



As @davisdre317  said Office 365 License is per mailbox and you can have multiple aliases - this is the case regardless of where you get Office 365.


In regards to your comment about the applications - I am going to make an assumption that this is one of the Linux Hosting accounts - which is GoDaddy's legacy hosting. The replacement / new version are the cPanel accounts which have the latest version of PHP (and Simple Machine) - GoDaddy is working with customers who have the older servers to have them migrated.


Regarding the WorkSpace email - Yes, GoDaddy has discontinued their Free WorkSpace email accounts, however they are not doing away with WorkSpace email platform, you would just need to move to a paid version of it.

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