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CPANEL Virtual Hosting Intermittent outgoing email being rejected.

I host a number of clients on a Virtual CPanel Server with Godaddy.  NONE of my hosted domains or IP addresss of my Cpanel server have blacklistings.(I check regularly)  However the Godaddy system uses some sort of Proxy mail service to send email from my clients through This system uses two main IPs for sending email. and  Mail sent through these IPS go fine.
There are a number of other IP's that Godaddy intermittently also uses to send email .47 .52 .53 .58 .59 .60 .198  that I have seen that are ALL Blacklisted.  Mail from these IP's is rejected as being Blacklisted at many external sites.  

Is there anyway to get Godaddy to clean up their IPs or to dedicate mail from my server on the two IP's that they obviously make sure are still good?


Hi @bulldogtt.

If you are receiving errors related to blacklists when sending emails, the best thing to do is to collect copies of the bouncebacks that show the reason for rejection as being blocked by the blacklist. Contact support with a copy of that bounceback and support would be able to review and investigate.


Gary - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
24/7 Support | Check System Status

Hi Gary thanks for the reply and suggestion.  I have now done that about 3 or 4 times over the last few months.  And each time I have been told that GoDaddy is aware of the issue and they are always actively trying to clear the IP's from Blacklists.  and that it was escalated.  Which is great....but my question is why dont they take the blacklisted IP addresses relay routers out of the pool...or atleast reassign new clear IP's to them while the blacklists are removed?
My dedicated IP's for my SMTP servers have never been blacklisted and would prefer that I therefore don't have my client's email rejected from another source blacklist over which I have no control.


All the emails sent through site are blocked/rejected due to spam but none of theme contains any spam or malware or other content to be rejected. Even signup login forgot password emails are not working. It has been there for more than 1 year but still not resolved.


Following is the reason showing in rejection mail

552 5.2.0 QT4mcwtE8LJoP :: CPANEL :: Message rejected for spam or virus content ::

I, too, am experiencing this problem. The issue in my case, and I assume yours, is that all of us are having our email processed out of GoDaddy's 'shared' email servers. If some among us sharing the server behave poorly by sending excessive SPAM email then the independent "reputation services" will identify the originating (GoDaddy) server as a known SPAM source and will add the server's IP address to a Blacklist. Once that happens anyone that subscribes to the reputation service for SPAM management will blacklist and automatically reject any emails coming from that particular GoDaddy email server. There is a process for getting the server's IP address removed from the Blacklist but it takes dedicated effort from GoDaddy and appears to take many, many weeks. I have found no remedy other than having a second email address outside of GoDaddy to use as a backup in such cases.

I'm having the exact same issue and it's driving me crazy. I think it's time to move all my web and e-mail hosting elsewhere.