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Can send emails but can't receive

Hi all,


I used to point my domain name to another host (other than godaddy) but now I don't, after doing this I stopped receiving email ! I only can send...

Any help please...?

Community Manager

Hi @Shokry13. Thanks for being part of GoDaddy Community! More than likely, your domain's DNS records need to be updated to point to your mail provider. If you can post more details like what your domain is and what kind of email service you have, someone may be able to suggest a solution. 


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Hi I am having a similar problem. I recently changed my mail domain from godaddy webmail to gmail's gsuite. And once its trial period is over I am not able to receive any mails to my inbox though I am able to send mails without any issue from the default godaddy webmail email.

My domain is and one of the most crucial mail ids is I don't know how to update the mail server records. Could you kindly help me?


Here, I have the same problem .. Any suggestion to solve this problem?

Hey @BaitBayan


In the case of @arunsiv, his domain is currently not registered and therefore is not active to hold any public DNS zone records for mail services to function. I'm not sure if that was the case when he originally posted last year. 


Your situation is likely different, but will need more details befor anyone here in the community can help offer a suggestion. What's the domain name, and what email services are you trying to associate with the registration?


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