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Can't send emails or save drafts when recipient has a gmail address

This is an issue I've been having on and off for several years.  It's happened in countless locations (even different states when traveling), using different computers and devices.  It happens on desktops, laptops, and smart phones using any number of different web browsers on both mac's and pc's.

Sometimes when I'm trying to send an email to someone with a gmail address, workspace webmail gets stuck.  It either gets stuck during an auto save, or it gets stuck when I hit send.  When this happens, if I try to save the email that I've spent some amount of time writing, nothing happens.  The email isn't saved and it isn't sent.  This only happens when trying to send to gmail addresses.

And like I said, it is not specific to any computer, IP address, web browser, or operating system that I'm using.  It's happened about 2 or 3 times a month for the last several years, and is extremely irritating because I can't communicate with my customers.  

Can someone at GoDaddy PLEASE fix this, or at least tell me what's going on?  Thanks


Great, now workspace webmail freezes no matter who I'm sending to.  Now I can't send emails to anyone at all!!!  Is this what I get for posting a complaint?!  I've just about had it with Go Daddy.