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Can't set up email with a Weebly hosted site

I have my domain here on GoDaddy, and my site is hosted on Weebly. I bought an email package here at GoDaddy but can't set up my email. Everytime I enter in the information I need to verify I own the domain (which I don't know why I need to verify that, I own it THROUGH Godaddy so....???) - I am required to put in Godaddy servers in order to verify. This, of course, makes my Weebly website inoperative. As soon as I verify that and my email works, and I go back in and enter my Weebly name servers so my website works, then my email stops working.'s so frustrating. I thought Godaddy email was supposed to work even if you had your domain hosted elsewhere??


Hi @shelleyseale ,


Thanks for posting, and welcome to the Community!  With workspace email, you’ll need to access the domain’s zone file with Weebly to add the MX records, instead of changing the name servers on the Godaddy side.  Do you see this info in your Weebly account? 

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can you help me with how to do this? it's all very confusing

by the way I've tried Godaddy chat support and it doesn't help. can you provide some kind of documentation on how I add the MX records in Weebly?

Can you please help me?? Since my domain is WITH Godaddy, why do I need to verify I own it? You already know I own it, as I own it with you! Can you please help me to get my email working?

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Hi @shelleyseale. Thanks for posting. I think perhaps you have an Office 365 account. That's the only type of account I know of where you'd have to verify you own a domain. If the domain is in your current GoDaddy account, you shouldn't have to verify it. In that case, you'll want to touch base with our customer care team. If the domain is in another GoDaddy account, please see these instructions. If the domain is with another registrar, please take a look at this article. Hope that helps. 


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Yes, it's the office 365 account. Is that the only type of email account Godaddyoffers? Because I don't care what kind of email it is, I only need to be able to receive mail from ONE domain email address. And I DO own the domain through my Godaddy account, yet they seem unable to help me.

This has not been resolved. Godaddy support has not replied to me about getting this set up. My domain is with Godaddy so why do I need to verify it? This should not be this difficult, why isn't Godaddy resolving this?

Hello @shelleyseale !


I wanted to jump in here to do my best to help. I am sorry you are experiencing this issue.


If your domain is registered with GoDaddy but the nameservers are using Weebly nameservers then you would need to manage your DNS zone files with Weebly. (Source: Manage DNS zone files.)


If the zone files were with GoDaddy then Office 365  would complete the verification automatically if it is in the same account. This is why you have to verify your domain because the DNS zone files are with Weebly even though you are registered with GoDaddy. (Source: Verify Domain Error.)


Upon research of how to add TXT records to Weebly, I found a Weebly Community Post that has Weebly specific steps on how to add the TXT record to your DNS zone file so your domain is verified with Office 365. (Source: Add TXT record - Weebly Community Post.)


After creating a TXT record to verify your domain, Office 365 will be able to verify your domain and finish setting up your email. Keep in mind that DNS changes have a 48-hour turn around time. I hope you were able to utilize these resources I found while researching the issue, have a wonderful weekend 😃.

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Sorry that doesn't help. That Weebly support forum ONLY is for domains registered with Weebly. Obviously my domain is registered with Godaddy, which is the whole problem. honestly it SHOULD NOT BE THIS [removed] HARD to get my email working. ???????

Hello again @shelleyseale !


I am sorry you were not able to utilize the linked resources. Your website is hosted with Weebly and the TXT record to add to your domain for email validation must be done with Weebly since your site is being hosted with Weebly. Again the domain validation would be done automatically if your DNS was hosted with GoDaddy in the same account but it is not because your site is hosted with Weebly.


I would reach out to Weebly and ask why you are not able to add the TXT record for email validation. You have to add the TXT records to your domain using Weebly because your site is hosted with Weebly.


Have a wonderful week!

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