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Classic Email vs Updated view Email in Workspace

I continue to use Classic Email as its was always a really good email service. The lack of support from Go Daddy has been horrible. The issue is that they have offered an upgraded view which is bulky and not useful. In Classic View you can query anything and everything easily. 

Another non support item is that in Classic view on Workspace you can no longer attach files. Its unfortunate that Go Daddy only wants to sell Outlook Exchange, and keep encouraging me to move, but I have so much history on classic view that it was a great system.


Does anyone have this same issue? Maybe I'm the only person that uses classic view in the 14 million cutomers?

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Hi @tcandgc3,


You should use whichever you are most comfortable using.....

But really complaining about updated software is like the British Health Service hanging on to windows XP for their operating systems, and look what happened to them.......... 

This doesn't solve the problem. Classic email is now worthless because you can't attach from the cloud that I bought with it. Also if I switch to outlook exchange, they have limits on how many gigabytes. Thanks, to bad Go Daddy does not support Classic unless enough people complain.

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Software updates and support for old software is always a tricky balance. On the one hand the majority are asking for new features and improvements of their software, on the other hand some folk 'get used to' and nostalgic about a piece of old software and want to keep it. Nearly all IT industries follow the same problems and procedures and that is, there is usually a 'cut off date'. 

Reading between the lines it seems your major issue is that if you switch to outlook exchange there will be limits on your email data allowance. Not that the classic email was any better. 

In most cases though I'm pretty sure that most folk don't get anywhere near their limits in email, under normal email use. 


i have often repeated this but I will say it again, 

if you want a site that runs the software you want, employ a developer, not a designer. 


Designers will use software like go central and Wordpress and when Wordpress decide on an update, that's it, you suck it up! Any CMS and managed package software users are at the mercy of updates. 

Its only sites created by developers that can be fully customisable to use the software the owner would like. But because of security etc, even they need to keep up with updates. 

Sometimes old architecture is phased out simply because of discovered security issues and sometimes because the original support is no longer there. 

Even those that dislike corporate bullies Microsoft freely admit that windows XP was probably their best system to date. But it had to go.......


im aware that this doesn't address your 'problem', but half the time our problems are nothing of the sort, except the wrong view of things. Don't cut down the trees 🌲 in order to see more trees! 

I also hate having to switch from 'classic' to 'updated'.  Where's the trash?  Why have they changed how distribution lists work and preferred senders?  I am fine with keeping up and using new versions but not when they're worse and no longer meet my needs.  I now go back and forth using both which is really frustrating.  They also tried to sell me on a new program, why not just make the one you have better?  ugh.

I am also quite frustrated with the updated.  First, I can't actually find a single feature that they have added.  I am probably missing some things, but as far as I can tell, they have only taken away features.  Here are a few that I miss.  Please someone let me know if there are ways to get these in updated view.


1) Does not show the % of space available.  This shows right on the top bar of classic.

2) Does not allow me to change the number of emails per screen that I see.  This was a simple drop down at the top of classic.

3) In order to sort by a have to hover over the arrow...then mouse over to the field when it shows up...hoping it doesn't disappear again.  I don't understand the value of this at all.  just show the fields in the space you are taking to show the "down arrow".

4) No longer can click on an email address from the sender (or other recipients) to add them to my contacts list.  


This is just a few that are annoying to have been taken away.  


That said, I have used Classic as long as possible, but now recently the classic is no longer working to forward email.  the compose just shows "sending" forever and never  allows you to forward the email.  The fix GoDaddy gave me was "just use the updated view".  So, if i could choose, I would stay with classic but godaddy is actually making it no longer function.


Any suggestion are appreciated.


Community Manager

Hey @chimiller. Welcome to GoDaddy Community! Thanks for the feedback. For your points 2-4, I'm not able to add anything to what you said other than I'm not sure why the dropdown list for sorting would be disappearing for you. That might be a browser issue. I'd recommend trying a different browser to see if it keeps happening. 


However, on your first question, there is a way to see how much space you've used. This is visible on the welcome screen for the account. This is the screen that appears whenever you are in a folder that has no mail in it or if you unselect all messages in the folder you're currently in. You can make it appear first by editing your settings (shown below). You could also just uncheck any email that is currently selected. Hope that helps. 


WSE updated welcome screen.gif


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