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Confused about Thunderbird settings for Exchange

I recently decided to change my email plan with Go Daddy as the price had gone up again and they told me if I went with a new plan and cut down on unused mailboxes I could cut the cost.  So I agreed to it and the migration is supposed to happen in 2 days.  


I told the sales rep that I use Mozilla Thunderbird and don't use Microsoft Office 365 or any of their products. He said I may need to call in to find out the correct way to change my settings from IMAP to Exchange.  Every day I get messages to download some product called SkyKick for helping as an Outlook Assistant but I don't have Outlook!  My wife uses Outlook on her computer and has one of the email boxes so she will need to do this I guess but not sure what I do. 


Can anyone point me to a tutorial for what I should do for Thunderbird?  

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Re: Confused about Thunderbird settings for Exchange

Hey there @Chrisinhouston,


It sounds like they moved you over to Office 365, which means you do have an Outlook email... it's just cloud based instead of application based like the version on your wife's computer. 


Here's an article on how to setup Thunderbird to use Office 365.


I hope that helps!

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Re: Confused about Thunderbird settings for Exchange

Thanks for your reply to my question. I ended up calling GD tech support and was told that there is no way that Thunderbird can work with Microsoft Exchange. This was not what I was told by the guy who helped me in sales a few days before. He told me that Pop3 and IMAP are going away and soon no one will even support those settings which I find hard to believe. I decided to cancel the rollover migration to Exchange. I renewed for only 1 year instead of 2 as I plan to move my domains and email elsewhere. I already have an account for a domain at 1&1 so I may just move there. 


I feel I was totally misled by the sales guy and he was probably getting a commission on selling me on the change over. Very deceptive practice in my opinion.