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Content of Email Confirmation

I have a customer who is not receiving the confirmation email containing his invoice. This is the email that goes out moments after the order is placed. Others are not reporting this issue plus I've tried putting test orders myself to see if I would get the emails. I am receiving them.

This customer even gave me the log in info to his email account. I looked in all the hiding spots that normally keep an email from being seen. No email. This is a $2,000+ /month client and those invoices are important.

Is there a setting that maybe I'm missing? Is there somewhere I could go for someone to check what be happening to this email behind the scenes?
Community Manager

Hi @aaronthomas28. Thanks for posting. Troubleshooting email delivery issues can be tricky. I'd suggest providing more information about what's occurring, like where the emails are getting sent from, what is generating the emails, addresses used in sending, and whether or not you're seeing a rejection notice. On the last point, typically if no rejection notice is being generated, it's because the recipient's email provider isn't doing so. If that's the case, then you may need to contact that provider (or request that your client does) so you can find out why the messages aren't coming through. 


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