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Do not receive emails

I bought a hosting yesterday and set 5 email accounts. Through webmail access I can send emails for example to my gmail, but when I reply to emails, I do not receive any emails and I receive message could not delivered in my gmail.

Online chat support is not also available for help!

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If you are not receiving replies in your gmail account make sure that you or the recipient add your email address to their approved senders list in gmail.   You'll also want to makes sure that your IP or domain are not blacklisted.  If either are you want to bring this to GoDaddy's attention immediately.


If online chat is not available for you what you can do is when you go to the Global Support page is to change the country you are from to United States so that you can access the chat feature.

Top left of the screen you'll find a drop down that allows you to designate your country, change it to United States (or another country where chat turns on).


HTH! 😉

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