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Does GoDaddy's SMTP server support Java Mail property, "mail.smtp.from" for redirecting bounce-backs

I am wanting to utilize GoDaddy's Email for relays, via Java Mail.  I have normal distribution working successfully.  I have "ReplyTo" working good also, but I cannot get the bouce-backs to re-direct to a different address.  In fact, I can't get a bounce-back to even occur, in the Java class.

When I use GoDaddy's Workspace for Emails, I can receive the bounce-backs (although it seems to take several days for it to come back).  But, when I try it from the class, using my an alternate address or even my GD address, the bounce-back does not occur.


So, I'm wondering if GD supports bounce-backs on relays.


Any help would be great.


Thank you.