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Email Aliases Not Showing Up/Cannot Add

Earlier today I set up 2 email aliases without much problem. However for the last several hours whenever I go to to add a third I get the page that says to add an email alias and not the list of email aliases I have set up.


Earlier today it would bounce between showing the aliases I have set up and the page that says to set up an alias.


Whenever I get the page that says to set up an alias and not the list of aliases I currently have I always get an error. For the last several hours I have been unable to get the list of aliases to show up and I've been unable to create a new one.


I did try clearing history and cache but that hasn't helped. Everything else seems to be working with my email.


I did sit on hold for support for a while tonight but gave up.

Here is a link to the imgur album with screencaps of the alias page and error, if that's helpful.


Update: It appears to be working today.


Hi @Mitchell-S ,


Welcome to the Community!  I’m sorry to hear that you had some issues with aliases, but I’m glad that it has since been resolved for you.  Have a great week! 

Sales and Support available 24/7 via phone or chat

Thank you! You as well!