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Email no longer working on Windows Phone

So I have a Lumia 1520, its been working just fine for 3+ years with my godaddy email. As of 2 weeks ago it no longer works. No matter what settings I use, just says it can't connect. 


my original settings, worked fine, were and


I've tried, and nothing works. All my other accounts on my phone work perfectly fine. I can log into webmail and mobile mail.


My phone hasn't updated in months. I user Net10 (aT&T towers) did Godaddy change something recently or is my provider now blocking access to godaddy email? Hotmail, work mail, gmail, yahoo mail all work perfectly fine. Godaddy was fine for 3+ years until now.


their support is useless so I'm hoping community memebers are a bit smarter.

Former Employee

Hello @Bigbacon 
You may want to provide us the domain name or email address to do those ussual look ups first.
Am not a Community Support knor moderator btw, just wanna try to help. 

Warm Regards,
Joven - 🙂

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I am using the base and


Some other finding. Sending seems to be ok, it is just recieving email. I have an older windows 8.1 phone that ALSO does not work. I've tried on a galaxy S5 and iphone 7 both work fine. 


I have deleted the account and recreated it countless times. Never solves it. it worked just fine from sometime in 2014 until 3 weeks ago or so. Both windows phones have not had updates applied in months. 


I find it strange that windows phones just stopped working while everything else is fine. I can get email from yahoo, gmail, hotmail, my work email but NOT godaddy.


I need to figure this out or I need to find a new email provider.

I am having the same issue on Lumia 1020 and Lumia 1520. Started happening 2-3 weeks ago. It keeps prompting me for password (even though the password hasn't changed). If I cancel out of the password prompt and keep sync-ing, every once in a while, it will pull down the emails.


This was working just fine till 2-3 weeks ago. No updates were installed, no settings were changed - it just started acting crazy. Frustrating to not be able to check your emails - try sync-ing long enough, you may get lucky is not the way to access your emails.



Former Employee

Hello @AJ4 @Bigbacon

I know this was a very old cern yet I'll try to help if I can still.

May I know the email address you guys are having problems with please, I'll look up the kind of email via dns etc. to verify that all settings are properly configured, and if not then I'll provide the best configurations for a fix. .

Warm regards,

Joven -- 🙂

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Are a GoDaddy employee?

Former Employee

@Bigbacon  Yes I am, yet a volunteer only on the community, 🙂

Hi 3fk,


I don't want to publish my email address over here. Is there an official way I can get in touch with you/support regarding this issue?




Bump.   Godaddy email stopped working on my Nokia 1020 a month ago, December 2017.  It keeps asking for my password.   I've deleted and re-installed the app several times. No luck


what version of windows?


Godaddy needs to look into this. I have called support and they pretty much told me "not Godaddy's problem have a good day."

My Windows phone is a Nokia 1020 with the 8.1 OS.   With this GoDaddy glitch, I can't read my business emails.  I'm very unhappy about this.  The only work-around I've thought of is to transfer the domain name to a different host - such as Yahoo .  My Yahoo personal email account is still working great on my Windows phone.   It would be too much of a headache to transfer the entire hosting account elsewhere - but, it should be relatively easy to re-direct the mail exchange server.

I have a Nokia Lumia 1020 with OS version 8.10.14226.359. Neither the phone, nor the mail app has been updated in a very long time. And I haven't changed any mail settings either. In addition to godaddy emails, I also have, Hotmail, yahoo, gmail, work mail and Comcast mails - none of them have a problem - it is just the godaddy emails that are working only intermittently.


I see this problem on my Nokia Lumia 1510 as well (which has Windows Mobile 10 on it) - however, it is happening much less frequently there.


Basically, the problems are as follows:
- Attempting to sync mails asks for a password (though password hasn't changed).

- Providing password doesn't make a difference (as it asks for it again, and again, and again).

- Skipping the password and sync-ing again works "sometimes" - I would say around 1 in 10 times.

- However, after downloading mails, it throws up the sync error screen and shows mails haven't been sync-ed in over a month (even though it just downloaded mails).

- Outgoing mails "seem" to work without any problems.

- Basically, at this point, I can't get to my mails when I want - which makes it useless for me.


Sync-ing my mails on my desktop with Outlook has no problems.


After this started, I have started looking around to see if I can have my emails migrated to another hosting service. Things can't just stop working like this.


This is not the first time I am having problems with godaddy emails either - probably my fault in not having switched away from godaddy earlier.



Getting Started

I'm hoping 3FK can figure this out or at least push this issue to the right people to look into. If I thought asking others to call support about the issue would help I would. I don't think it will.

Former Employee

@Bigbacon  The configs you mentioned are all we got when I doublechecked from our Knowledge Base, I'm having a hard time too lookin into this but fyi i'm not giving up by checking from noka users aswell, How I wish i can get a hold on phone itself to do some tests, This can be settings, OS security issue, or it also be ISP cahnges.
I got your email, I'll email you when i have as solid feedback.

Warm Regards,

Joven. .----

Getting Started

definitely not an ISP issue. If OS security changed for POP/IMAP email then other email accounts would have the same issue which they do not. It is just GoDaddy's email.

Hi 3fk,


It feels as if Godaddy is playing a sick joke on me (us). Starting this morning, my emails completely stopped - tried sync-ing a 1000 times, no luck. This is true on both Lumia 1020 and Lumia 1520.


The Lumia 1020 used to work once every ten sync attempts before this morning. The Lumia 1520 used to work much more often.


But now, the phones are totally useless for checking mails. However, outgoing mails work fine - make what you want of that.


Yeah, it could be any number of issues, but considering that this problem affects ONLY Godaddy email (all my other emails work fine) AND the phone(s) haven't been updated in a while AND the mail settings haven't been changed on the phone in a while AND only incoming mails are affected, it is looking increasingly likely that this is a problem on Godaddy side.


I do appreciate you volunteering your time to investigate this, but from an organization point of view, this shows a total lack of regard/respect for user's needs/time.


I had never looked at alternative hosting solutions so far - but this experience has got me researching and once I find a suitable alternative, the migration is on. I am sure the loss of a customer is not going to affect a company as big as Godaddy, but with the culture of disregard, things will catch up sooner or later.


Again, this is not a personal rant against you - more towards Godaddy - if anything, they need to empower more people like you.




Same Issues, Same SetUp (Lumia 1020 8.1 OS), and just started happening in the last month...  with GoDaddy Accts., and Comcast IMAP addresses.  Everyone is pointing finger at each other.  Windows-MS-AT&T-GoDaddy-Nokia Techs. etc.


Appears to be starting with our other Lower End Windows Lumia also...  And again no updates that I have tried to run, nor even aware of anything new being avail.  Did GoDaddy change servers/settings recently??


Addresses sync fine on Win7 Desktop.


Is this Nokia's or Windows way of forcing you into new hardware?


Really Want an Answer from the vendors here!




In addition to the email problem, now I cannot login to my primary Godaddy account at all via my Nokia 1020.   The Godaddy sign-in page doesn't recognize my keyboard.   I can't input any characters.   Great job, Godaddy!


Anyone have any luck fixing this?

Yes... by switching phones 😞


Just ordered a Xperia X2 Ultra today....I absolutely LOVE my windows phone but too many things aren't working or aren't supported. That and my phone resets itself every time i take a photo anymore.


Godaddy is NEVER going to get to the bottom of this. they will blame us or the device. Who really knows what happened. Either MS killed POP mail or something with an update to 10 and 8.1 or Godaddy decided that windows phone OSs shouldn't be allowed. one or both.

A little late to the party but I am going through the same thing.  I have windows 8 phone, email was fine, then it started asking for password.  At first it was a minor annoyance, now it just goes into a death roll trying to sync.  When account is still accessible I can send emails.  No updates to phone in years, other email accounts work same as the other people complaining here.  I will eventually be going to a different phone OS but I refuse to be pushed into this before I am ready by someone denying me service that I am paying for.  It is obvious that this is a godaddy problem.  


Please follow through with the good customer service I have become accustomed to or I will be forces to look else where.