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Email set up and Hosting issues

Hello i recently got my Hosting account suspended without receiving a notification about the time to charge my credit card.

Now, i have purchased a new hosting plan and noticed that my email plan was not there anymore and was directed to purchase office 356 which i did but unfortunately, i have not been able to see  or access the email box since after the setup of the email. Also is there a way, i could set the webspace email back even if it is for purchase, i prefer it to this office 356 I need assistance here.


Secondly, i uploaded my website content to the hosting account i purchased and my website was only showing the first page and all other pages are not clicking and or opening when you click on the icon on the home page. I need assistance here too.




Community Manager
Community Manager

Re: Email set up and Hosting issues

Hi @Ralueke. Welcome to GoDaddy Community! It sounds like you have several issues. If you'd rather use Workspace Email than Office 365, please contact our customer care team. They can see if you are eligible to purchase one of those plans. As for your website content, it's hard to say what's happening there. I'd recommend creating a second post for that issue specifically since it's not related to email. Be sure to include the domain of the site and information about how the website was built. That may help you get a better response. 


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