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Email will not send or work!



I've been having an extreme issue with godaddys hosting for emails and security.  I purchased a hosting plan with godaddy to build a wordpress website and also purchased and email to go with this website ( I was unable to send and receive emails, create booking appointments thats sends automatic emails to the client and receive emails of approval. I've had no luck with smtp. I even hired someone off Feverr to give me a hand because when i contacted godaddy they couldn't help with 3rd party email situations. What he told me was since my we didn't purchase cpanel hosting with email facilities i would have no luck unless he can find a way to point mc records to another panel and provide mail support.


He was able to receive emails at but send out confirmation emails through another gmail email.

Very complicated situation I am in and i was told from him to see if godaddy can migrate to cpanel!


 If anyone thinks they can help me that would be really grateful!


Thank you