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Error verifying domain, while moving from G Suite to Office 365 email

We purchased a business suite version of Office 365, with Microsoft Teams, the Office Suite, etc.  Now i'm moving our email off of G Suite so that Microsoft will host the email, under our domain name so that we'll have our own email domain on the Office 365, instead of


Our DNS records are not hosted on GoDaddy, only our domain registration sets there.  The DNS records are hosted at Siteground.  


Another tidbit that might be relevant: i have experimented with consumer versions of Office 365 a couple of times in the past; but have never moved the domain onto it.  There might be some kind of residue going on from that. 


The issue i'm having is that after adding the DNS TXT record as Microsoft instructs, the domain verification hangs up and tells me this:

(ourdomainname).com was already added to a different Office 365 tenant which is managed by GoDaddy. To add this domain to this tenant you will need to contact GoDaddy support and have this domain removed from Once done you can come back and resume this step.


When i call into GoDaddy support, i am sent offshore and the reps futz around for half an hour, running me in circle.  When i politely request escalation, i am put on hold indefinitely.  So i thought someone here might be able to know how to work around this.  


I have been a 20 year customer and fan of GoDaddy, i am so sorry to see them send their tech support offshore and providing ghibberish when you call in.  I will likely be moving all of our domains off of GoDaddy in the near future.