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Fantastical/OneDrive Mac Requires Authentication Every Morning

Hey there,


I have recently setup a new company and acquired a domain and O365 through GoDaddy.


I use Fantastical for Mac as my Calendar application. This has been setup and works perfectly during the day but every morning when I turn on the laptop I need to close the app, re-open and then authenticate again. I am having exactly the same issue with OneDrive.


Any ideas how to keep the connection?





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Hi @stuartdlaing


Control–Shift–(Power button or Media Eject ) will put your display to sleep, but should keep the apps running. 

Great thank you, I will try this tonight.


Are you aware of any other solutions that would work when the Mac does sleep? I didn't have this issue when I used the trial version of Office 365 (directly from MS and not through GoDaddy)?



Did you find a solution to this? I have been having the same problem with the OneDrive account thru GoDaddy. My personal OneDrive account is directly with Microsoft and it never asks me to reauthenticate! This is driving me NUTS!