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Hebrew in Workspace Email

can't see Hebrew in workspace mail

any solution will be appreciated


HI @rachelart


Thank you for your post. I took the opportunity to test in my own workspace email accounts through firefox and chrome in both the classic and updated view and I wasn't able to produce an error. In each test I was able to view, type and edit the Hebrew character set.


Does this happen on every email? Have you tried alternate browsers to see if there is a difference in display.  When this issue does occur is it only on received emails or is there an issue when composing emails as well? 


- Techfly 

Hello @TechFly


it happened on Microsoft Edge and explorer.Hebrew Texts All incoming mails look like ?????????????????????.

only received mail . sent mail is OK



Hi @rachelart


So far I've tried to reproduce this issue under different circumstances by sending emails to myself from 3rd party webmail sources as well as 3rd party email clients (outlook as example). I've also send the Hebrew text with a basic ASCII character set as well as custom formatted text. I've checked the workspace webmail through internet explorer through both the updated and classic views and so far I have no luck reproducing the issue.  I am not too sure what could be causing this. At this time, the best thing I can do is suggest for you to contact our 24/7 support as we can research the issue more in depth. Sorry for the inconvenience.


Best Wishes!



my work space email not showing in my account

Hello @KeaElectricals!


Welcome to the community. Seems like your issue is a little different than the one in this thread. I'd recommend searching for a thread that better fits your issue and posting a reply there with more detail about your trouble. Where you're checking your email, is it a specific email you're not seeing in your account, etc. Thank you for understanding!


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