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How do I delete an email's attachments without deleting the email itself?

How do I delete an email's attachments without deleting the email itself?  I'm using Workspace on Windows 7.


Hey @Caesariatus,


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If you're composing the message yourself you should be able to add and remove the file attachments as needed before the message is sent. Once it's sent, the attachments can't be removed without deleting the message. The same holds true for messages received from other senders. 


I might be wrong; so if another member knows a trick to this I'm not aware of, perhaps they can share it for the rest of us. 


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How do I delete the entire message and attachment that has been sent?

An imperfect workaround: Forward it to yourself. Then delete the attachments before hitting Send. You will keep the subject but lose the "from" field. Then delete the original email.

OK. But when is it going to be fixed such that attachments can be removed from mails without having to delete the whole email