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How to auto delete email

we are currently using our godaddy email addresses as a forwarding address. The issue is that our mailboxes fill up quickly and we have to login to delete them. Is there any way to delete all of the emails every few days?


Re: How to auto delete email

 Hi @sawalldev ,


It sounds like your using Workspace email. Are you actually responding to or sending email from the account you have set-up to store and forward email? If you are simply forwarding email and wanting to keep or send nothing from the email account, I suggest setting up a simple forwarding account.


I hope that helps,

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Re: How to auto delete email

Is there anyway you you could answer this question rather than recommending a different solution with out all the facts.  In my case, your suggestion does not help at all.


Gmail has changed the way they allow users to send from addresses other than  therefor we had to set up actual email boxes on workspace for addresses that had previously been FWD's.  We don't want to log in empty the workspace boxes by FWD's do not solve our issue.


There was an "auto purge" function in workspace as recently as 18 months ago..i can;t seem to locate it, or any information on it now.


So...the question do we set workspace email boxes to automatically empty-delete-purge...what ever terminology works for we don't get mailbox full errors.


So that  users who just want to send and receive their emails from their GMail accounts can continue to do that easily.  In my case the users have never, and would prefer to never log into workspace at all, and i have no need desire to save any copies.  I just need to set them up (rather than FWD accounts) so that i can have SMTP settings for Gmail.





Re: How to auto delete email

Hi @Triphoss, thanks for posting.

There is an auto-purge feature in Workspace email. You can right-click a folder and select auto-purge to set it up. This will automatically delete emails after a set amount of time.


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Re: How to auto delete email

Great GaryA

One clarification...right-click on the folder on your right.

Re: How to retrieve emails that are auto deleted

hi my webmail looks like is set to auto purge for 2 months. and I lost all my emails.


is it possible to retrieve the auto purge emails?

Re: How to auto delete email

I was having the same exact issue re: FWD and googling requiring email addresses with log-ins etc.


The free emails I was given with hosting has such limited storage, and I like you do not want to log in empty the workspace boxes by FWD's do not solve our issue.


Did  the auto-purge function work as a solution for y'all?

Re: How to auto delete email

It worked for me but you have to remember to switch to the upgraded view of Workspace first.  I couldn't figure out for a while why my inbox didn't look the same.   There is a link at the top right of the screen that controls the view.

Re: How to auto delete email

But how do I set up auto purge emails in the TRASH folder?  It seems to automatically purge anything older than 3 or 4 days no matter what I do.  I would like the trash folder to keep deleted emails for perhaps 30 or 90 days.  That way, I can delete emails from the inbox without agonizing - if I turns out I need it, I can search the trash folder prior to auto purging (after xx days).  Is there anything I can do about the quick purge?

Re: How to auto delete email

Hello, I know this thread is kinda old but I had the same issue and figured out that if you add a message filter with the "From" set to ".*" like in the image that I attached. You can have everything go to the trash. I set this up for my autoreply email address. Hope this helps.workspaceAutoTrash.jpg

Re: How to auto delete email

OK, My wife uses a couple of emails set up in the workspace and forwards them to other emails.  both emails are now full and I do not know how to delete these emails so more can come in.  I am told there is a way, but I cannot find it.  I looked for an autodelete function or a place where I can have them delete after a set time, but I do not see how to do that.  Can you help?


Re: How to auto delete email

Hi @rconawa,


Welcome to the Community!

Yes, there is an automated way you can take this action to clear the inbox. In Workspace Email, use the Classic View (can be switched in the upper, right corner of the webmail screen). Hover over the "Inbox" on the left, and right-click your mouse. Choose "Auto Purge..." from the small drop-down menu. A small pop-up window will appear with the option to automatically purge messages from your inbox after a selected length of time. You can choose anything from "Never" (and your email will be saved until the box is full), to "Older then 2 days"... and a number of choices in-between. 






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