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How to retrieve an archive of old messages?


I recently switched to a new laptop and had some trouble setting up my mail accounts again on Chrome. I got some of them working but the GoDaddy addresses proved difficult to get set up. I am able to receive emails I'm unable to see/access any from before I switched to new laptop.

So I came to GoDaddy to see them via my web mail but again can't see any.

This means I can't search through my old emails from the last 3 or so years, something that is crucial for my business.

Does anyone have any advice on where I might have gone wrong, what I might be missing or how just how to retrieve a lost archive of mails?

Thank you very much.

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Hey @alexdr, I'm a bit lost to how you were "setting up my your accounts again on Chrome". I don't actually know what you mean by that? Typically how Workspace email works is that you access it using the web interface or through something like Gmail, Outlook, Thunderbird... Since you changed computers all that you would need to do is connect the same way. Am I understanding it correctly?

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