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I use Gmail for my email, do I still need Business Unlimited?

I use gmail for my email but have an unlimited business account on GoDaddy because when I originally switched over I didn't want to risk losing my emails.  Do I still need to keep the Unlimited Business Account?  It seems GoDaddy has upped their price pretty significantly since I first did the switch and now I don't want to be paying for it if it's not necessary.


I checked MXToolbox and my email service provider is listed as Google Apps.



Community Manager

Hi @dontbescene. Thanks for being part of GoDaddy Community! If you are pointing your domain toward Google's email services, then you likely don't need the email plan you have with us. To be safe, I'd suggest accessing the addresses just to make sure there is no content in them (email or contacts) that you need before canceling your email plan. If you're unsure, you can contact our customer care team and they can verify if you're using what you have. 


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