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Is GoDaddy ending free email plans?, I have a domain with godaddy and an email that is and I'm wondering then if I keep my domain hosted with godaddy BUT I set up for example a free email account such as will I be able to have emails that are sent to be forwarded to Does that make sense???

Otherwise...if I refuse to pay for the godaddy email what then happens to the email address and any future emails sent to it???


Re: Is GoDaddy ending free email plans?

Hi @RandallRogers,


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Your current plan will be suspended 30 days from the day you receive the first notification. As a Workspace email customer,  and if you don’t wish to migrate to Paid Workspace or GoDaddy Office 365, you can keep your data by downloading it onto your computer before your Workspace email plans are suspended.


If you still want an email with your domain, you can purchase email forwarding (about $3 a year) and have it send to your gmail address. 


GoDaddy's standardizing their paid Workspace users on a superior email system. This new platform is more secure, stable, and can be synced across all devices, from mobile to desktop, offering a better overall experience for their customers. The Office 365 plans offer a number of benefits, which you can learn more about here.



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