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Is this E-Mail for real? It looks suspicious!



>> Is this E-Mail for real??? It looks suspicious! <<

It probably is not "real" but a "spoof" created by an infected file (I had a slew of e-mails sent out by my own e-mail account!) ... in my case the spoof e-mail showed it was from DropBox! (I spent a helluva lot of time subsequently e-mailing friends assuring 'em the spoof should be deleted!

Jim (in SC)

Hi @B_Muck and @jamaicajim,


Here's some general guidelines to spot suspicious emails.


A phishing/spam email commonly has a sender address that does not show Check the sender email address (not the display name) to see if it has ONLY @ (not If it isn't obvious in the email itself, you can take a look at the header.


Also, if there are links in the email, move your mouse over them but DO NOT CLICK. They should pop up - usually at the bottom of your window -  showing a standard GoDaddy URL, not an unknown or complex address, not identified with our company.





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