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Issue with deleted email accounts

We deleted two email accounts and even after deletion if an email is sent to these accounts it still prompts with the initial provided auto-reply message. Any idea on how to discontinue this?


Re: Issue with deleted email accounts

Just an update to myself - Contacted Tech Support - Email Accounts were still somehow active on the account - Tech team removed them - Problem solved - Great Job Larry. Totally Happy 

Re: Issue with deleted email accounts

I received a text back from Tech Support stating that had been removed.  When I went to log on this morning that's the first email that popped up. ????

Re: Issue with deleted email accounts

The email, is still popping up.  ????

Issue with deleted email account

I was wondering why my email account was deleted without any prior notice ( and also i was double charge for registering a domain name, meanwhile i was trying to renew my website builder account because my website site was not visible on the internet, i called the customer care and explain to the person i spoke with about this and nothing was done, i have been indispose since then that was why i was unable to report this here. 


Please i need solution to this problems because it's actually giving me a terrible headache.