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Keep Getting Booted Out of Email

I have been booted out of workspace email several times tonight. "To keep your account secure, we need to revalidate your account." Very freaking frustrating. It is happening on a max of a two minute rotation. I have so much to do. Why am I paying to be frustrated? It would be more fun if I went to snap my self with a big rubber band several times.


What gives. Win 10. Edge. Is that the problem?!

Community Manager

Hi @rlmoore. Thanks for being part of GoDaddy Community! I tested this with a Workspace Email account and the most recent Edge version and did not experience the problem. Often issues like this are caused either by browser caching, a conflict with a browser plugin/extension, or browser configuration settings. I'd suggest first clearing your browser's cache and cookies. If that doesn't help, then try using a cacheless browsing window (FireFox private window, Chrome incognito, etc.), then an entirely different browser. I can confirm that this isn't something specific to Microsoft Edge. If that also doesn't work, you'll want to try to connect with support. 


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