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Migrating from Workspace Email to Office 365

Hello all,


Like many GoDaddy customers in the APAC region, I have been affected by unreliable email service on my GoDaddy Workspace Email. While GoDaddy says they are working to resolve it, the long term solution in their opinion is signing up for corporate level email service - Office 365.

Even if I decide to pay extra for the Office 365 service, I need to make sure that the migration occurs smoothly and that all my emails are transferred to the new service. I have currently have 3 email accounts on my domain.


Will GoDaddy help me in migrating emails for all 3 accounts? How much time will it take? I have gotten different responses from customer service regarding this.

Please help!




If you are an Outlook mail client user and want to move emails to Office 365, then you can get some help from here:

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Hi @gindrayan, thanks for posting.

There are a few different options an routes that can be taken with a migration. The steps explained in this article are the most basic steps to switch to Office 365:

There is also an automated migration that can transfer emails, but you would still need to manually import any contacts/address book.

If you use Outlook email client to check your emails, Support does offer a paid migration service that will transfer your contacts/address book as well. This option can take up to 7 days.

I do suggest working with support to see what the best option and path is for you specific to your account. You should plan for any email service changes to take 48 hours, due to the necessary DNS changes. However, you shouldn't miss any emails during this time, they would just be delivered to your current/old email plan.


Gary - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
24/7 Support | Check System Status

Hi Gary,


Thanks for your response. Two questions -


1. Can the migration be done automatically if I am still using the Workspace webmail client?


2. If the answer is yes, will this auto-migration be free for every account that I have on my domain (apart from the cost of Office 365)?


I am less concerned about the contacts. What I want are the old emails to be transferred to 365.



Basic migration is not the issue.  It's the details.


I got  most of my contacts transferred.  Then added one by hand.  It doesn't appear in searches!  Apparently stored in another contact file.  OK - so I,ll just merge the two files.  Nope!


Find and merge duplicates?  Nope.


Frustrated and wondering if gmail might have been an easier option.

I don't see anything in the article about migrating the mail in one's old Workspace email over to Office 365.  When this upgrade was offered to me, I was assured that the transition would be "seamless" and all my emails would be transferred over.  Can someone walk me through this?

If you are an Outlook mail client user and want to move emails to Office 365, then you can get some help from here:

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