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Move GoDaddy IMAP Emal to Microsoft Outlook365 Online


I currently have my domain registered through Go Daddy.  I also have one email address that was free but that's going away soon I believe after Covid.  So, as I've already purchased a full Microsoft Office365 Package directly from Microsoft which includes Outlook365, I'd like to have my email account with my domain name set up with Microsoft for the Outlook365.  


Microsoft said I have to purchase Office365 from you and then forward all my email to their Outlook365.  That makes no sense to me because I'd then be paying for two bills.  I don't want to forward anything, just want to have my name records and MX records changed to point to the Outlook365 account that I've already paid for and leave my domain here at GoDaddy.


Can someone help me with this please?  I have a renewal coming up the end of September with Microsoft for another year for and want to make the best decision before that renewal takes place.


Thank you so much for your assistance!


Hi @Skol2you ,


Welcome!  There are a couple of ways to go about moving your emails over to Office 365.  If you’d prefer Godaddy to handle the migration, please call our sales and support team so they can set that up properly for you.  We can check to ensure you’ll be getting the correct box size in GB to fit all your emails.  No need to purchase on your own because we will do that together with the migration as a bundle.   The other option is more involved and requires your skill and knowledge with creating backups with .pst files using Outlook.  I definitely encourage you to contact our team for more information.  Have a great weekend! 

Sales and Support available 24/7 via phone or chat