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My Office 365 account will expire soon

My Office 365 account will expire soon and I will not renew it.
I just activated the workspace email and the free email forwarding.
This are my questions:
By not renewing, do I run the risk of losing my email address?
Will all emails from the Office 365 account be lost?
Can I delete the Office 365 email account before it expires, but without losing the information?


Thanks in advance.

Community Manager

Hi @Umbrosus. Thanks for being part of GoDaddy Community! If you cancel an Office 365 plan or allow it to expire, any email addresses you have set up on that plan will cease to function and emails/content stored on the server will be deleted. However, if you've downloaded the messages to your computer using an email client, you should still have them locally.


As far as losing the email address itself, if you still have the domain registration, you can use it to set up the address again with a different email service if you wish. I hope that helps. 


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