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My incoming emails are bouncing and returning back to the sender.

Dear sir/madam

My domain email is very slow and are received after 30 to 60  minutes. But since few days my all emails are bouncing and returning back to sender. Hence I could not receive the emails. please fix the matter. Thanks

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Hey there @iqbal007,


We're all volunteers here so we don't have access to GoDaddy's internal systems, so we can't "fix" anything directly. That being said, if you could provide a full email header of one of your bounced emails, we may be able to give you some direction. Typically, email bouncebacks aren't due to a system issue but a content issue in the email itself causing it to get flagged.


Here's how you get your email headers. (FYI, 3rd party website.)

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Thanks MrVapor,

I get the following error while bouncing

Address not found
Your message wasn't delivered to info@iqballawservices.combecause the address couldn't be found or is unable to receive email.
Community Manager

Hi @iqbal007 - That error means that the address in question wasn't available on the server at the time the message was sent. Usually this means that the address is not active for one reason or another. It can also indicate an issue with DNS since messages sent to the wrong server would have a similar message. Right now the DNS for looks like it's using our Workspace Email. If you have an active Workspace Email account for this address but are still getting the message, please review this situation with our customer care team. That would likely indicate an issue with your account. 


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