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New Member New Question about Email from another platform emailed into GoDaddy account?

I am new to GoDaddy. Can personal email (a Yahoo Mail address) be relayed or transfered into ones GoDaddy email? I ask because of web URL filtering that blocks web based email such as Yahoo Mail and Gmail making it impossible to access your personal account. How can you go about this so you can receive and read your personal email (at another address) into your GoDaddy account?

Former Employee

Greetngs @westwestwest1 ,


I hope I can help some. I'm not clear if you want to redirect GoDaddy mail to another account, consolidate mail the other mail here, or move archives of mail over here.


The first can sometimes be done using relays that allow you to simply relay or keep a copy locally. The second would be based on the options of those email providers. Archiving can also sometimes be done by using an over-arching email client, like Outlook.


One of the tricks to keep in mind is if you do use relaying, it can confuse others, especially customers if you reply from a different address that the one they email to!


Having covered this ground briefly, I strongly encourage you to contact 24/7 Support for a consultation. They're the best!


I hope that helps,  
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